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Finding The Flavour Of Your Story

Café Couture - The Fashionable Art of Speciality Coffee

As a way to say Arrivederci Alex Fulvio Galantino at La Bottega Milanese, I want to say a huge thank you for giving me the perfect opportunity to tell your story to new audiences.

It was 2014 and the independent gourmet Espresso Italian bar had recently opened its doors in the commercial quarter that is Bond Court. Several visits, lots of photographs and a few gourmet coffees later, and I had everything I needed to create a compelling editorial story in Voir Fashion Magazine.

We titled the story: Café COUTURE - The Fashionable Art of Speciality Coffee, and got to the heart of why it was fashioned in an ‘atelier’ in Leeds. ❤️

Here are some of the best quotes.

“I want the people to experience exquisite coffee together with a flavour of Milanese life, brick for brick”

“This square is the perfect place to introduce our customers to a true flavour of Milan, the buzz, the atmosphere, the cosmopolitan mix and the genuine warmth of hospitality”.

“We are all about personality - full of depth and pretty things. Great design, elegance, lifestyle and substance.”

“We take the essence of an Italian boutique [Bottega] where you find an artisan and an apprentice working, and turn this into a cultural experience...... this is after all the speciality coffee sector”.

“We are not presenting a museum of expected stereotypes”

“We are not here to wave Italian flags or shitty balloons, just a representation of our journey.......and our love for this wonderful industry”.

I asked Alex what was the best aspect of the journey so far…

“When you see people around you enjoying the fruits of your labour, to see our cups in the train station, to feel you are part of something bigger around you that involves the customer...that’s success”

All the best in your future.

What’s The Flavour Of Your Story?

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