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What Is Visual Storytelling?

I often get asked this question.

Visual storytelling is bringing an idea to life through a visual medium (photography, illustration, graphic design, video, motion, multimedia) to tell a story with little or no words. To capture your audience's attention and imagination through emotion, so they feel something and have the inclination to act.

It gets your audience invested more in the subject and makes them part of the process. It can satisfy their curiosity.

Luxury brands use visual storytelling to transport you to idyllic destinations. Think of the visual storytelling captured in film posters

Film trailers

Music album covers

Editorial article intros

Book covers

Travel posters

and films before ‘talkies’.

This multimedia intro was created as an opener for my 2023 website, to give a taste of the breadth of ideas used.

It was curated from a wide selection of images used to tell visual stories across fashion; beauty; travel; influencer-journeys and brand storytelling.

This recent testimonial from Bronagh Daly Faith and Creativity Lead at Leeds Church Institute, was written in response to the digital illustration I submitted for their 'Journey to the Manger' project.

I hope it goes some way to providing an explanation.

A digital illustration depicting a modern-day journey to Bethlehem as taken by Mary and Joseph in Biblical Scripture. The image captures Leeds City Market as a stained glass window and warning cones to depict the obstacles that had to be endured.
Journey to the Manger for Leeds Church Institute

“It is our job to interpret the cry of the city. It is so difficult to put voices from the market into a visual representation. I think what Luke has done is just amazing, and he has just done it spot on!”

If you are looking for something unique, and are attracted to what you have seen, click HERE to make visual storytelling part of your brand communications.


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