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VISUALS and STORIES have always been central to my work...

Luke Walwyn carrying portfolio image

Images, Images, Images

Making images has been my thing since childhood.


My creative journey started with the humble pencil (sketching almost anything and everything that attracted me) and later progressed to the camera.

I became fascinated with photographing objects and people, concepts and stories as the camera allowed me to develop an eye for visual communication as an artist.


A montage of fashion and still life photographs taken by Luke Walwyn.

An Art School Foundation Course cemented my artistic leaning before it was time to see how this would work in the ‘real’ world.


Art Meets Commerce

A montage of illustrated characters created by Luke Walwyn.
Borders Campaign images

The ability to draw became an asset, and I soon discovered the world of illustration.


Characters became central to my visual language as they charmed their way across client page, screen, poster and billboard – truly bringing campaigns to life. I was developing my own brand of visual communication.


I worked call centres by day and bars by evening – committed to keeping the creative dream alive and the wolves from the door.

​Short stints with boutique agencies provided the full picture on the commercial creative process and it was now time to be at the helm of visual storytelling as a fine art.

Selfridges exclusive brand advertorial as featured in Voir Fashion Magazine.

Editorial Voice

Nine years at Voir Fashion Magazine as Art Director allowed me to play in a creative but commercial arena.


Page became billboard to grab attention, arouse interest and draw curious minds.


I delivered a unique brand of visual storytelling (photography, illustration, strong concepts) to the likes of Selfridges, Chanel, Dior

and Flannels.


It became evident that brands in this space don’t sell products or services, but dreams and aspirations –

appealing to the emotions

of their audience.


Chanel-Selfridges-Dior-Flannels image
Visual Language - Photograph of Luke Walwyn smiling.
Visual Language

Luke Walwyn Studio has been fashioned from the blueprint of Voir: ‘be daring, be different!’


Today as I push the boundaries of visual communication, I draw inspiration from the world of art, film, fashion and travel to create strong visual language for clients – which helps their customers buy with their emotions.


I am Luke Walwyn,

your partner for visual content.

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