I worked closely with individual clients – taking their photographs as inspiration to capture the essence of a vacation personal to them, and reimagine this in bespoke, personalised digital art.


Here are some of the journeys I have captured so far:



Nerja, Spain

"I ordered a bespoke piece of digital art [on canvas] for that special someone who is impossible to buy for! Absolutely thrilled with the results and the reaction when it was opened.


Had a great conversation with Luke so he knew what I was wanting to capture in the picture. The result, well, blooming amazing!!! So thrilled, even more so as who knows when we’ll be able to go abroad again. Highly recommended."


Lisa Cook: Healthcare Manager , Yorkshire



LLys Bach, Wales

"The world had a tough 2020, a year of disappointment, uncertainty and cancelled plans.  We were looking forward to a family holiday in Australia and ended up in Wales for a week. Although it was not as we planned it was a great week in a fabulous location and we were together.


I was unsure what to expect as commissioning art is far outside my normal life of numbers and spreadsheets.  Luke was amazing and guided me through the process so we ended up with the perfect piece of art.  Given all the things we couldn't do, it was fantastic to do something new and just for me.  


I get to look at it every day and to me it is a permanent reminder of looking for blue sky, happy memories and the things that really matter family and friends.  


My daughter wants to add; 'Thank you Luke you're the best artist in the world.'"


Clare Latimer: Finance Director, London.




"After sending Luke a few holiday photographs of a recent family vacation, we were amazed when his bespoke fine art print arrived in the mail. The palette and composition that Luke created were absolutely wonderful.


We returned from our vacation with fond memories of our family trip to Yosemite, now we have an artistic bespoke interpretation of that trip that will hang in our home forever... Luke’s artwork is absolutely beautiful. If I could give him a 6 out of 5 star review I would.


If you’re thinking about buying someone a special present, rekindling your passion for your loved ones with a unique gift, and/or cherishing your special memories for a lifetime, don’t hesitate to reach out to him! Not only is he one of the most creative people I’ve ever met, he is delightful to work with! A true gem!"


Ellie Altomare: Marketing Consultant, Santa Barbara.





“Polska - From city to sea and packed with history, this piece is a journey from Warsaw to the Baltic Sea. Traveling from the old world through the forest and to the banks of a fishing industry, we see a country filled with life. Discover the beauty of Polska through this captivating lens. Thank you Luke”


Sharon Joseph - Creative Operations - Florida.


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