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VOIR FASHION: The Story Behind the Brand

In 2011 four creatives set their stall out to create Voir Fashion (Digital) Magazine.


We would be daring and different, adventurous and avant-garde – free from the constraints of commercial magazines.

We chose a strong visual language

with bold typography, arresting imagery

and vibrant colour to create an

international brand identity.

Background image for 'A strong visual language'.
A montage of Voir Fashion imagery showcasing 'A strong visual language'.
1 - Bebe Rexha Voir Fashion Magazine Cover - Issue 24.

A Strong Visual Language


Photograph of Team Voir circa 2016

Luke Walwyn (Art Director)

Jyoti Matoo (Editor-in-Chief)

Kymberley (Hair & Styling)

Stacey B (Beauty).

Voir Team in 2016

Above view still life of Voir Fashion visuals on a desktop.

We became fascinated in the journeys-to-success of influencers more so than the headlines.


We took every opportunity to photograph them in our unique way and tell their stories to inspire our readers.

Background image for 'Stories of influencers'.
A montage of Voir Fashion imagery showcasing 'Stories of Influencers'.


Background image for 'Showcasing Beauty'
A montage of Voir Fashion imagery depicting 'showcasing beauty' editorials.


Showcasing Beauty

Our take on modern beauty meant  pushing the boundaries of mainstream perspectives to showcase inclusion and diversity.


Our imagery caught the eye, we introduced illustration and we shouted our message loud and clear –daring to be different!

Voir Fashion Magazine Cover - Snoochie Shy Issue 23
Voir Fashion Magazine Cover - Tom Zanetti Issue 17

Stories of Influencers

Background image for 'Women of substance'.
A montage of Voir Fashion imagery showcasing 'Women of substance' editorials.
Women of Substance

Voir Fashion was always underpinned by female empowerment, but Issue 20 – Autumn/Winter 2017 was dedicated entirely to this.

Singer/songwriter Raye – an up-and-coming artist became Voir's brand ambassador and Cover Star. Her light hadn't fully shone yet. 

The rest is history as 2024 saw Raye scoop six BRIT Awards.

Editorial photograph of artist Raye as featured exclusively in Voir Fashion Magazine - Issue 20 Women of Substance.

Our trend edits and fashion stories were always given a stylish treatment before publication.

Street style became a phenomenon and was duly reflected in how we laid out our pages in an quirky way.

Background image for 'Setting trends'.
A montage of Voir Fashion imagery showcasing 'Setting trends' editorials.
Background image for 'Editorial wonderland'.
A montage of Voir Fashion imagery showcasing 'Editorial wonderland' stories.

Editorial Wonderland

Two elements underscored our editorial features and stories. No typographical rules, and images with impact.

We cut through letters, tightly cropped images, played with angles, introduced emotion and inspired engagement. Our tribe found us and not the other way round.

We delivered strong concepts and we believe we started fresh conversations.



Voir Fashion Magazine Editorial Spread - Issue 19 Magnum X Moschino collaboration featuring Cara Delevingne.
Voir Fashion Magazine Issue 22 - Trend Edit - Clash Back.
Setting Trends

Voir Fashion Magazine was the visual foundation for Luke Walwyn Studio.
It was my playground to execute my love of fashion communication and visual storytelling, with one caveat: the eye has to travel.

My creative team and I were able to experiment with photography, typography, layout and creative perspectives. There was no right or wrong way to communicate because we had found our platform to express our daring and our difference.

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