Chanelling No. 5 - Blue/Amber : Art Tile
  • Chanelling No. 5 - Blue/AmberFramed Art Tile


    This framed art tile contains a beautiful 20x20cm gift size print, reproduced in a satin-finish. Set in either a black or white wooden frame, each art tile arrives with a specialist adhesive on the reverse, allowing you to hang or reposition the image wherever you are!

    A perfect gift on its own or mix & match with additional framed tiles to create your own unique display.


    Set of 5 Chanelling No. 5 Art Tiles


    Upgrade to the full set of 5 Chanelling No.5 art tiles to create a beautiful mini art collection in your home or office. This set comprises Chanelling No. 5 original, Chanelling No. 5 Cyan/Magenta, Chanelling No. 5 Blue/Amber, Chanelling No. 5 Red/Aqua and Chanelling No. 5 Cyan/Blue. The set arrives framed in black or white of your choice.




    Chanelling No. 5 - Blue/Amber : Art Tile