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Le BOOK: CONNECTIONS Live Event Campaign

Our company wanted to create engaging visual content to promote our live events. Ideally, we wanted a campaign that had a consistent high-level, unique look and feel. It was important that the art aligned with our level of clientele as we have a 40-year legacy of delivering excellence to the global creative community.


We decided to enlist the services of Luke Walwyn Studio (LWS) for their creative services. They offered a very unique style of illustration and 2nd to none customer service.


Luke understood our brand identity and target audience, resulting in visually appealing and engaging content that helped increase our online presence and audience engagement. This, in turn, led to higher brand recognition and customer interaction.


Based on our positive experience, we would highly recommend Luke Walwyn Studio for his creative services, professionalism, creativity, and ability to deliver results which aligned perfectly with our needs. We believe they would be a valuable asset to any brand looking to enhance their visual presence.


Mark Brown – CEO | LE BOOK U.S.

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