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What’s The Essence Of Your Story?

Before even attempting to create a visual story on behalf of a company or individual, several conversations and copious amounts of coffee usually need to take place.

I have the information required to convert facts into editorial storyline.

For this luxury fashion retailer FLANNELS, a visit to the store provided the luxury shopping experience I needed to communicate that to an awaiting audience.

But what would be the editorial angle?

The ‘clothes’ approach wouldn’t be enough.

Brand name-dropping seemed clichéd and pretentious.

But what stood out a mile was that the experience was similar to being at a contemporary art gallery, where the interior design, layout and product arrangement was carefully and stylishly designed to seduce.

Flannels: Art, Style, Fashion became the headline to draw readers in.

An image of a witty shop window display of Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s' cleverly montaged over a stylish dress became the visual pull. And the strapline: Flannels appear to have it all – provided the hook.

I was meticulous in the visual layout of the story to reflect the interior layout of the store. And the golden typography gave it the depiction of luxury to set the stall out.

Flannels loved the final story and proudly shared elements across social media.


What’s The Essence Of Your Story?

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