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The Eye Has To Travel

Cross-section of a visual display board with fashion, lifestyle and beauty photographs side by side in rows and columns.
The Eye Has To Travel

If it’s true that we remember more of what we see than hear or read, and images can help us travel in the mind…

then having visuals on display can only help right?

This section of inspiration wall above my computer serves as a barometer for future projects.

It always reminds me of the creative process it took to art direct ideas into eye-catching campaigns and magazine editorials.

It’s a process I’ve become very fond of because there is always the excitement of seeing the smile on the face of a happy customer.

Bringing ideas to life to help others tell visual stories and cut through the noise has become my raison-d’être.

If you are looking for something unique, and are attracted to what you have seen, click HERE to make visual storytelling part of your brand communications.


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