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Creativity is a Team Sport.

An image of a tote bag, illustrated with 8 diverse characters depicted in different colours. They represent a team, and stand in front of the 'g' logo and multi-coloured circles which represent the brand.
Creativity is a team sport - branded tote bag -

What do you think of this statement?

As we move further away from the business premises into more hybrid or remote working systems, does this leave us isolated in our creative process, or are we more connected courtesy of tech?

We're really loving the vision of sharon and tom through their platform. Not only are they bringing remote creative teams together to service their clients, they embrace the strapline: creativity is a team sport.

This is how we responded to their brief to provide visual assets for use across marketing and brand communication – a diverse group of creatives, complete with scooter, bags and circles (representing shared interests).

Let us know your thoughts.

If you are looking for something unique for your business communication, and are attracted to what you have seen, click HERE to get in touch and start a conversation.


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