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Originally published 8th March 2022 - International Women's Day

It is such an appropriate day to share this multimedia film short I created in celebration of some of the most stylish fashion and beauty editorials to appear within the pages of Voir Fashion Magazine during my eight year tenure.

Communicating both female empowerment, and runway splendour, the film has been curated from the many published articles – powered by the incredible photographic imagery of led by photographer Chris Moore.

Female empowerment was a strong theme orchestrated by our Editor- Jyoti Matoo at VOIR FASHION MAGAZINE Fashion

who would always challenge the male gaze, and was never afraid to place women up front and centre. This is a nod to the fantastic women who have helped shape my character from a young age and introduced me to new ways of seeing the world. And a double nod to Jia Lee who was bold in her decision making to create a score which captured the pulse of international runway, leaving us yearning for more…

For many years led by photographer Chris Moore provided access to their vast photographic archives to help us to respectfully convey the ever-changing face of fashion, from an international runway and behind-the-scenes perspective.

This visual treasure trove facilitated our up-to-the-minute communication to an ever-growing fashion readership, with visual insight.
















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