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FSHN: The Shape Of Things To Come.

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Fashion magazine front cover with an illustration of a girl wearing sunglasses
FSHN - Illustrated Fashion Magazine cover - Summer 2020 No.1 by Luke Walwyn

It's a new era in fashion; what was formerly commonplace is now seen through the prism of a screen. What once was the privilege of the chosen few, is now accessible by anyone and everyone, from the comfort of their home, or the palm of their hands. I'm talking about the runway show.

The rules of engagement are changing too and there is a call for innovation and new ways to express new collections. At the same time, the photograph has all but saturated our minds: a plethora of snapshots taken to remind us we were there have naturally paved the way for illustration to take a leap forward.

Fashion illustration in all its forms, can capture the imagination like no other, to begin new conversations and set pulses racing.

Meanwhile, the curtain comes up, the light go down, the music pounds a reassuring beat. Let the show commence...

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