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Emerging Technologies 💥

A photo of a fully-clothed woman falling into the sea on her back. She is surrounded by 3 walls of sea enclosing her in a triangle. There are ships on the horizon
Cover poster for the Netflix mini series 1899

Lately I have been drawn into conversations about the advancement in technology (VR, AI, VFX etc)

I tended to sit on the fence a little, seeing the rate of advancement a mild threat to creative talent.

I then watched Netflix’ 1899 by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, and was mesmerised.

The Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA-creative studio responsible for the production: Framestore - led on concept art, virtual production, title credits and final VFX.

Their team spanned film, TV, gaming, immersive entertainment and live event production to deliver mind-blowing content in the realm of visual storytelling that asked more questions from us than delivered answers. (Truly immersive)


The series follows passengers aboard a transatlantic steamship as their journey takes a mysterious turn, and ultimately gets us to question our own existence.


So, in short, emerging technologies in the most capable hands can deliver groundbreaking results.

The trick now is embracing the technology to enhance the visual storytelling aspect to our work at Luke Walwyn Studio.

Any collaborators?










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