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Colourful Language - Part 5: A Blue That Runs So Deep

Animated gif showing a compilation of blue imagery
Colourful Language - Part 5: A Blue That Runs So Deep

If there ever was a colour that divided emotions it is blue.

From the deepest hues of the Mediterranean Sea to the morning light on a winter’s day, blue cannot be ignored.

Blue is a mood, blue is a colour,

it’s denim, it’s ocean, it’s sky.

Blue will flirt with the

depths of emotion,

yet lift you way up high.

Blue lives in the shadows

of the sunlight at noon,

it’s tranquil, it’s loyal and calm.

The story continues...

Blue continues our ‘Colourful Language’ series - digital art to enhance your mood based on colour!

A range of postcards and limited edition fine art prints will launch


You can help us help our friends at Rainbow Junction by securing your order of a unique set of postcards - a percentage of each sale will be donated to their worthy cause - The Real Junk Food Project. They are working extremely hard to feed people in need, and believe that everyone has the right to a hot meal.

Their main aims are

• to reduce food waste

• to reduce food poverty

• to build community


Blue colour digital poster with poem and green icons
Colourful Language - Part 5: A Blue That Runs So Deep

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