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A Day in the Life…and a Scooter!

Hundreds of photographic images

Several photo shoots

Countless hours shortlisting and editing…

and a hint of anxiety.

All went into creating this ‘A Day in the Life’ animation.

I needed something visual and lifestyle-oriented that could tell a story through images, and live on the website.

I hope it gives insight to my creative process

(conversations, storyboarding, taking photographs, sketching, coffee) oh, and riding a scooter 😂 and manages to capture part of my personality.

P.s other mediums are available

Photograph of Luke Walwyn giving a talk on camera, stood in front of his laptop and prints of his digital artwork. Luke has an expressive gesture and is wearing a waistcoat and jacket.
Still image from "A day in the life" video

What would a day in your life look like? Post your answers in the comments.


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