Colourful Language Part 1: Red Is For Life

The American fashion designer Bill Blass said: “Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.” With that in mind, we are championing all things red to kick start our ‘Colourful Language’ series - digital art to enhance your mood based on colour!

Red is for life, for blood and for love.

It signifies danger, sacrifice, passion and power.

Red tells you when to stop whilst willing you to go.

It’s Ruby, it’s Scarlet, it’s Crimson and Berry.

Through poppies it remembers, whilst through claret it forgets.

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Colourful Language Part 2: Dreaming In Sunset

Here’s to the sunset seekers and the amber keepers.

The long shadow lovers and the daydream makers.

Here’s to dreaming in sunset.


The English philosopher Bernard Williams said: “It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.”


Orange steps forward to continue our ‘Colourful Language’ series - digital art to enhance your mood based on colour!


Orange is the fruit, orange is the colour.

From apricot to amber, to pumpkin to squash,

orange lifts your mood.

It is the colour of sunsets, encouragement and success.

Orange brings warmth to the end of the day.

The story continues…

Colourful Language Part 3: Symphony In Yellow

Bye bye beige your days are short, there’s a fresh colour here and it’s stealing your crown!


Think of yellow brick roads and the colour of excitement.

Yellow is harmony, vitality and sun,

It's the colour of hope flooding through your window.

It’s hailing a cab on the streets of New York.

It's pineapple, lemon, Marigold and corn

Butterscotch, canary and honey.

Yellow is the colour of summer.


“I follow the yellow brick road. I don’t know where it’s going to lead me, but I follow it.” Grace Jones

The story continues…

Colourful Language Campaign Animations

Colourful Language Part 4: A Greener State Of Mind

What is a greener state of mind?


We have been indoors for far too long, and believe everyone is ready for a fresh start.


Green is a positive state of mind to think of others, so I am reclaiming the famous Gordon Gekko phrase which was stolen from the geckos: Green is Good!


Green is for energy, nature and growth,

it’s the freshness of grass after mowing the lawn.

Green will tell you when it’s safe to go.

She’s Emerald and Jade, asparagus and lime -

green will lend you her time.

The story continues...

Colourful Language Part 5: A Blue That Runs So Deep

If there ever was a colour that divided emotions it is blue. From the deepest hues of the Mediterranean Sea to the morning light on a winter’s day, blue cannot be ignored.


Blue is a mood, blue is a colour,

it’s denim, it’s ocean, it’s sky.

Blue will flirt with the

depths of emotion,

yet lift you way up high.

Blue lives in the shadows

of the sunlight at noon,

it’s tranquil, it’s loyal and calm.

The story continues...

Rule Of Six

Introducing LOVECARDS ❤🧡💜

Postcards to spread a message of support during lockdown (again)!

We have partnered up with a local children’s charity Kidz Klub (Leeds) to ensure that £1 from every box set of postcards sold will be donated to the charity.

The team have been on the ground in the communities of Leeds for over 20 years now passionately helping vulnerable children to navigate their own journey through life in a faith based environment. I am truly honoured to partner with them on this.

Play Your Ace

1 from a set of 6 postcards to spread a message of support during lockdown.

LOVECARDS Campaign Animations

Luke Walwyn is available to discuss collaborations and bespoke projects…

Luke Walwyn: Contemporary Artist, Illustrator and Art Director