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From the earliest dreams of becoming a professional photographer, right up to today, I don’t think I ever let go of the creative spark that lives inside me.


I remember the day I took the coach to London in the mid 80s with my A1 portfolio of hand-printed, selenium-toned monochrome prints – which captured a selection of moody fashion, beauty and lifestyle imagery I had shot since leaving art college. Bustling around the city on go-sees was the acid test of whether you have what it takes to ‘make it’.


Many stops and rejections later, I landed at the studios of the late Terry O’Neill. The confirmation that I sought was there from his agent: “Move to London and there’s a photographic career waiting for you.”


I’m not sure whether it was fear, inexperience, imposter syndrome or a combination of all 3 that prevented me from taking the leap of faith, but

the offer was certainly the affirmation I needed that image-making

was my forte.


Fast forward to today, it is those early portfolio images which told compelling stories that still continue to inspire me – they have become the driver for my passion to create and continue telling stories. I have since added illustration, design and motion to my creative disciplines, and I collaborate with exceptional artists to find the best way to capture the essence of a mood or lifestyle, and reflect your message in exciting ways so it rises above the noise.

I was honoured to serve as artistic director at Voir Fashion Magazine for eight years and work alongside talented creatives. There I built and developed the brand’s aesthetic, voice and artistic direction.


We told engaging visual stories for Chanel, Dior and Selfridges

(to name a few) to share with new audiences.


We changed conversations by provoking thought; looking at the world differently; and helping to bring inspirational lesser-known stories to an international audience.


My illustration has graced campaigns for major retailers and publishers including MTV, Harvey Nichols and Wexas Traveller; and I have photographed and directed a number of notable personalities in music and popular culture – Raye, Bebe Rexha, Vick Hope, Zara Martin and leading UK Grime artists at Catalyst  Management – creating the imagery to build their insightful stories.


Forever creating meaning behind images, my remit is to capture the imagination – somewhere between reality and escapism – inspiring the viewer to draw closer to engage and travel in the mind.


There is a lot to be said for arousing curiosity, sparking intrigue or capturing that never-ending sense of wonder, but most importantly, building a lasting connection.


I may have lacked the confidence to take up the offer all those years ago, but have truly benefited from staying on for the long journey through the lessons, stories and experience I have gained along the way.

If you are interested in telling your story in a most visually inspiring and engaging way, or would like to discuss how Luke Walwyn Studio can enhance your brand, let’s start a conversation.


Everything is possible in the world of storytelling