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     Luke Walwyn Studio is an online space for original illustrated and designed artworks. Although not confined to limited edition fine art prints, 2020 through 2021 has seen much consumer interest in this area - inspiring a dedicated range of art across fashion, travel, lifestyle and bespoke offerings - in both print and canvas.


     Luke’s art ranges from heightened colour digital illustrations (inspired from high fashion magazine editorials and photo stories); through abstract, international travel destinations (which capture a spirit of intrigue and wanderlust); to lifestyle imagery created from the everyday and the ordinary - all re-imagined with a signature, flat-graphic style.

          "My digital illustration style -

developed several years ago through image manipulation for a travel magazine, takes a collection of photographs as the starting point and renders these close to a 2-dimensional screen printed aesthetic. This gives me the freedom to create through the process of taking away (as in clay sculpture) as opposed to adding, and allows the final image to say more with less."

     With an early passion for creating, Luke graduated from Jacob Kramer Art College in the mid 80s and pursued a photographic ~ graphic design career; gaining commissions with the likes of Vidal Sassoon, Goldsmiths University and Strand Clothing. A ten year stint as an illustrator at the turn of the Millennium saw him illustrating unique campaigns for high street bookstores, travel and fashion magazines, publishing companies and fashion retail - for household names such as MTV, Harvey Nichols, EasyJet, Cosmopolitan and Traveller.


     Luke recently completed an eight year tenure as Artistic Director/co-founder at Voir Fashion Magazine in 2019. There he jointly built and developed the creative direction of a digital publication which gained a niche following both in the UK and overseas: an international generation who are daring to be different. The work led to him photographing personalities in the realms of music, film and popular culture.


     Luke Walwyn Studio evolved just prior to the 2020 lockdown as a way to transcend restrictions through art: in other words ‘Travel in the mind’. It provided the opportunity to inspire positivity and hope through simple visual solutions.


     Luke is available to discuss Art, Illustration and Art Direction projects that are as far-reaching as your vision.