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Luke Walwyn Studio is about creating and offering unique, limited edition, fine art prints and canvas that can make a statement in any room.


The art ranges from digital illustrations - inspired from high fashion magazine editorials and photo stories which inspired Luke from an early age, through travel destinations which capture a spirit of intrigue and wanderlust, to lifestyle art created from the everyday and the ordinary - reimagined in flat perspective to bring a vibrant appeal to any space.


The studio evolved during the 2020 pandemic lockdown as a way to escape restrictions through art: in other words ‘Travel in the mind’. It also provided the opportunity to inspire positivity and hope through social media.


Luke Walwyn has worked in the creative industries for over 30 years.  An early passion for photography and developing exciting ideas led to an eight year founder role as artistic director for Voir Fashion Magazine until as recently as 2019. There he jointly built a digital publication with a niche following; an international generation who are daring to be different.


Luke has illustrated campaigns for high street bookstores, travel magazines and publishing companies, creating artwork for household names such as MTV, Harvey Nichols, Random House Publishing, EasyJet, Cosmopolitan and Traveller Magazine. He has photographed artists in the realms of music and popular culture.